Consultant Profile

Consultant - Executive Director : Makoto

Consultant - Chief Executive Officer

Makoto "Mack" Yaori

Qualification: PrivacyMark Lead Assessor, CBPR Assessor, ISMS Provisional Assessor, Certified System Administrator(Basic)


I have been working for Sumitomo Corporation for 41 years (including three overseas assignments in Argentina and the USA). When I worked for an Internet-related service subsidiary of Sumitomo Corporation, I helped the company to get PrivacyMark accreditation as the PMS administrator in March 2005. After that I acquired the qualification of PrivacyMark Assessor. Ever since then, while I conduct on-site assessments as a JIPDEC Assessor, I have been helping Sumitomo Corporation group companies to build and manage PMS taking advantage of my professional knowledge. For our clients, we are committed to offer sincere support with clear goal.

Consultant - Kyoko Seki


Kyoko Seki

Qualification: PrivacyMark Lead Assessor, ISMS Provisional Assessor

Wellberry Ltd. CEO


I offer a range of consultation service in the field of Personal Information Protection, information security and service quality improvement for a wide variety of industries.
I also work as a JIPDEC PrivacyMark Assessor and was recently promoted to be Lead Assessor.

Consultant - Teruaki Murakami


Teruaki Murakami

Qualification: PrivacyMark Lead Assessor, ISMS Provisional Assessor, Information Security Management, Certified System Administrator(Basic)

Ninshokagaku Co.,LTD CEO


As a PrivacyMark Assessor, I have conducted on-site assessments for more than 175 companies to date. I also have taken up consultation in the field of Personal Information Protection and information security for more than 20 companies.