Business Lineup

PrivacyMark acquisition and PMS maintenance support

PrivacyMark is the symbol to publicly recognize those companies that have built PMS to adequately manage risks in handling personal information. The Japan Institute for Promotion of Digital Economy and Community (JIPDEC), to which all our consultants belong, is the endowing body for PrivacyMark accreditation. Sinceport will offer necessary support for acquisition/renewal of PrivacyMark accreditation such as preparation of application documents, prior guidance of on-site assessment, preparation of necessary response to assessments, provide drafts of PMS rules and forms, help conducting PMS education, PMS auditing and PMS management review.

Compliance promotion support

There are various movements in recent years regarding the protection of personal information. In May 2017, the amendment of the Japanese Personal Information Protection Law was put into effect. In 2016 MyNumber (Japanese Social Security Number) system and employee's Stress Check system were introduced. The application of MyNumber is expected to be further expanded in future. Proper handling of MyNumber is required for all companies and those companies who employ more than 50 employees at one location are required to conduct Stress Check at least once in a year. Sinceport will offer support on continuous education and necessary action plan to comply with ever changing Personal Information Protection regulations on MyNumber, Stress Check etc. in a timely fashion.

GDPR/CBPR compliance support

As the globalization of business advances, newly amended Japanese Personal Information Protection Law requires companies to obtain data subject's consent when they want to transfer personal data to entities in foreign countries. EU has modified their rules on cross-border transfer of personal data in 2016. Under new GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation), which will be effective in May 2018, any company who violates EU's strict data protection regulation, will be subject to a large penalty of upto 4% of world turnover. APEC(Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) has also developed CBPR(Cross Border Privacy Rules) system in order to protect personal data in cross-border transfer. Sinceport will offer necessary support to comply with GDPR, CBPR and other regulations on cross-border transfer of personal data.

Consultation on Personal Information Protection in general

Personal Information Protection is essential and is one of the most important tasks for compliance promotion/internal auditing team. Initially Japanese Personal Information Protection Law did not have direct penalties to punish crimes such as data theft but newly amended Law now has direct penalties on theft and unauthorized disclosure of personal information to third parties. As people are more concerned and anxious about proper utilization of their personal information by companies, Personal Information Protection is increasingly important for all companies. Sinceport will offer consultation service for companies to build and manage own personal data management system, conduct education by seminars and e-learning, conduct auditing etc.