Sincere support with clear goal. That is the value we offer.

All of our consultants are PrivacyMark Lead Assessors, the highest ranking assessor in PrivacyMark system. PrivacyMark Lead Assessors have the sole responsibility to conduct PrivacyMark assessment and judge whether each company’s PMS complies with JIS criterion. In such sense, PrivacyMark Assessors know the goals and requirements to get PrivacyMark accreditation and are in the best position to help you to build and properly manage PMS under PrivacyMark system. All Sinceport consultants are looking forward to offering sincere support for you in achieving PMS and other compliance goals.
  • PrivacyMark acquisition and PMS maintenance support
  • Compliance promotion support
  • GDPR/CBPR compliance support
  • Consultation on Personal Information Protection in general